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What are your interviewing hours?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. AEST/AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne)

Closed Weekends and Public Holidays

Travel Fee

A$0.78 per kilometre

PLUS, (if applicable) meal and incidental rates as per the Australian Taxation Office

What services do you offer?

There are several services on offer and including but not limited to:

What type of businesses do you cater to?

  • Small to medium businesses
  • In business 1-5 years
  • Employs 1-20 people

I want to find out more. How can I contact you?

I can be contacted at:

By email – guest@talkingwiththeexperts.com

or my Contact Me page

Are your services only available online?

Services are provided online and in-house as required.

What services are available in-house?

In-house services are available for such things as:

  • Help with podcast set-up
  • Advise you on your podcast processes
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