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Listening to my guests on Talking with the Experts has been a true learning experience. From their stories of success, I’ve learned what it takes for an expert in any field and how much they value transparency with listeners who want information about topics close at hand without having to look elsewhere online or even worse – outside the industry!

Be a guest

Don’t be fooled! Despite the laid back “coffee chat” format of the podcast, Rose is an expert at extracting valuable infrmation from her guests. It’s a delicate balancing act of being a relaxed conversation but still allowing the guests to showcase their expertise. Thank you for the show, Rose! Keep up the good work.

Shawn Bayley (25 April 2023)

PMA Lifestyle, Ltd.

Engaging and insightful

Rose is such a wonderful host—lots of great questions and a passion for helping businesses.

Damian Andrews (13 February 2023)


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rose for her Talking with Experts podcast this week. She is an enthusiastic and supportive host, and the short no-fuss format of her episodes makes it easy for business owners to get the information they need. I appreciate the variety of topics she covers on the show. Thank you Rose for the opportunity to appear on your show.
Christine Sheehy (25 May 2022)

Christine Sheehy and Co Ltd

Rose is a fabulous podcast host! She sets the stage for a casual conversation that feels authentic and facilitates a great podcast episode! Highly recommend her podcast as it’s full of great information from a variety of leaders and magical beings!
Chrissy Mellinger (16 May 2022)

Chrissy Mellinger LLC


I heard about Rose through PodMatch. She asked interesting and thought-provoking questions that go beyond the usual “tell me about yourself and your business” and “any advice for our audience?” That kept me engaged and excited to share my expertise. I would recommend contacting Rose to be a guest any time! Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe (24 March 2022)

Liz Wolfe Coaching

Sabrina Osso review of Talking with the Experts


It was wonderful to be interviewed by Rose Davidson on her podcast, Talking with the Experts, for yet a second time! We greatly appreciate Rose giving us the opportunity to be on her podcast again. She always makes me feel very comfortable throughout the interview. As always, we had a wonderful flow of conversation. She asked excellent questions that would benefit any audience. She was also very encouraging and provided positive feedback throughout the interview which makes for great chemistry between host and guest. We also greatly appreciated the fast turnaround of releasing our interview on all social media platforms. Thank you, Rose. -Sabrina Osso from Osso Safe

Sabrina Osso (11 February 2022)

Osso Safe

A Rising Star in 2022’s Business Podcasts!



Angela Sedran (20 January 2022)

Angela Sedran

Rose Davidson’s podcast “Talking With the Experts” is a great program. She is an engaging host who brings out the best in her guests through incisive questions and providing her own thoughts and experiences regarding the subject being discussed.

Rose is bringing an important service to business people who may be having some issues with their businesses and careers. By bringing on individuals who have and are fighting the business wars, she provides great information her listeners can use to move ahead on a company and personal front.

I was extremely comfortable talking with Rose and discussing my thoughts and experiences regarding business successes and even some non-successes. Rose is a great host and business person and her viewership is fortunate to have her.

⇒ How did you hear about the podcast?’

I was alerted to Rose and her show through Matchmaker.fm, a site that tries to bring together podcasters and potential podcast guests. It was suggested that I was a good fit for her show and we hooked up through this wonderful podcast service.

⇒ What did you enjoy most about your experience?

I enjoyed conversing with a business knowledgeable person with whom I had similar experiences and who could ask probing and appropriate questions to keep the conversational flow going. Between Rose and I, I believe we brought valuable insights to her listeners.

⇒ What would you change about your experience?

Not anything I can think of that needs changing. Rose is very professional and made me feel quite at ease. We discussed pointed information that if followed can help the listeners to be successful or more successful in their businesses and careers.

Peter Christian (1 December 2021)

PHC Publications LLC

“Thank you so much for having me on your show. It was fabulous. It was a flawlessly executed session. It is truly a “talking with the experts” show where you let the expertise of the experts shine. I am impressed with the level of research you conducted to ask thought-provoking questions. I appreciate your ability to host a great show where you could draw upon the wisdom of your guests to bring unique learning for the listeners. I would highly recommend this show to people in my network and anyone who likes to spotlight their expertise with an experienced host like you.”
Dr Raman K Attri (24 October 2021)

Performance Scientist | XpertX Research, Training Thought Leader | Fortune 500 Corp

I learned about the Talking With The Experts podcast through my Podcast Booking Agency, YesBoss.

I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with the host, Rose Davidson. We covered a great deal of aspects pertaining to Creating Small Business Growth.

She has a very relaxed yet engaging interview style. Hence we were able to do a bit of a “deep-dive” into the issues without it feeling like you are just going through and answering a bunch of scripted questions. Rose also has a quirky sense of humour which made for added fun in our discussion.

If you are an expert looking to get your message out to your audience in an insightful, fun and engaging way, I highly recommend you consider being a guest on Talking With The Experts.

As for anything to change with Rose’s approach or format—Absolutely Not!

Michael Haynes (29 Sept 2021)

SME Business Growth Specialist, www.listeninnovategrow.com

Hello Rose, I recently came across your podcast and was really impressed with the professionalism and how clean your show’s format is. Most podcasts that I come across seemly are still trying to find their voice. Talking with the Experts has a truly developed premise and foundation so I applaud you. As your podcast is focused on entrepreneurship and business, it falls directly into my mission to elevate the industry.
Eugene Capon

Social Media Futurist - Content Creator

Hello, Rose!

I wanted to thank you immensely for receiving me so graciously on your show recently!

I am forever grateful to you for creating this space where Business Owners can get our message out to the world!

You are an inspiration and a worthy messenger to those you serve!

You are a loss to Canada and a blessing to Australia!

May you continue to powerfully manifest your future!

Dean Brown

Coach, Dean Brown Marketing Ltd.

I am so happy I stumbled upon your podcast by way of…

I love what you are up to in the world—talking about real issues with real people, so raw and genuine. I am embarrassed to say I wish I had discovered your podcast earlier.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you. We need more people like you in the world!

You have a new subscriber!

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

Vernon Brown

Find Your Happi

It was so lovely to be on Rose’s show, she really is a kindred spirit and makes you feel so at home when she speaks with you. I found the experience not only fun but also enlightening talking about different viewpoints and barriers that people experience. I highly recommend you listen to Roses’s show and also ask to be a guest if you feel you have something of value for her audience.
Michelle Clarke

Energy Maverick , Empowerment Empires

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rose Davidson on her podcast Talking with the Experts. Rose has all the professional set up from emailing you your invitation link, graphic to promote you as a guest, to an SMS and Email reminder, to a thank you email after your interview. Rose knows how to make you feel special as her guest and is a warm, friendly, and engaging host.
Melissa Groom

The Visibility Mentor, Founder Mums in Business

Rose is a natural host who asks fantastic questions and then gives you the space to fully answer them. Rather than feeling on edge, Rose instantly makes you feel comfortable and like you’re talking to an old friend over coffee. I’d highly recommend being a guest on her podcast!
Ashley J Saunders

Founder, AJS Digital Group

I had the pleasure of chatting with Rose on her wonderful podcast “Talking With The Experts” and it was a fantastic experience. Rose is a pro at interviewing and giving her guests space to share their expertise. She has a warm and welcoming personality which made me feel not only at ease, but that my subject matter was truly helpful. Thank you for the opportunity Rose!
Jennifer Lieberman

Founder, Make Your Own Break

Rose explored some specifics about how I position and share what I do through press kits and speaker sheets that she knew would be of interest to her audience. It was a nice change of topic and a great conversation.
Michelle Tillis Lederman

Founder, Executive Essentials

Rose is an excellent podcast host who makes you feel welcome and puts the spotlight on your story. The show is conversational, flows easily, and is over in a blink. I highly recommend being a guest — and a loyal listener.
Laura Gariepy

Founder, Every Day by the Lake (Before You Go Freelance)

Rose Davidson was a wonderful host.  It was a pleasure to be interviewed by her on her vodcast, ‘Talking With the Experts’.  She makes a guest feel very comfortable and asks informative questions that would benefit any audience.  We greatly appreciated the opportunity and look forward to returning.
Sabrina Osso

TEDx Speaker-Domestic Violence Speaker-Real Estate Agent-Consultant, OSSO SAFE, LLC.

Thank you so much for having me on your podcast, Rose Davidson!

It was such a fun interview and I absolutely love what Rose has created with the ‘Talking with the Experts, series.

Very excited to be a part of it!

I appreciate the opportunity. Such an enjoyable experience – thank you…

Prosper Taruvinga

Founder, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

I so appreciate and value our time on your podcast. I think you are doing a valuable service, both to your listeners and for people like me who have some experience and want to share that so others can learn from it. I think what you are doing is giving us all the opportunity to interact with story. It is one thing to listen to a 30-minute lecture, it is another thing to interact with a story. Most of us learn better through story than we do a lecture.

So thank you for doing this incredible work.


Daniel Edds

Praxis Solutions

Thanks for inviting me on. My experience was very positive, you create a relaxed conversational approach, that allows for true authentic insights to flow. You also elevate the guests and add to the conversation in a way that demonstrates that you are really listening. By this you made me feel that you were interested in what I had to say. Good job Rose.
Julian Roberts

Founder, Julian Roberts Consulting Ltd

Great interview. I loved your energy and passion for me as your guest and my mission to help others.
Michael Coles

Founder, Choose Your Reader (App)

Thank you, Rose, for inviting me to speak on your podcast — and sharing my new business endeavour @BlueSkysLife, set to launch early 2021!

I enjoyed our thought-provoking conversation, in regards to purpose-led brands and the wellness reset that the world is experiencing.

Your vlog Talking with the Experts is both informative  & inspiring !!!

I look forward to continuing our conversation in 2021.

Kristina Shea

Founder | CEO, Blue Skys Life

When the listener feels like they are simply eavesdropping on an interesting conversation between Rose Davidson and her expert guest, that’s when they really engage and learn.

Since Rose is truly present on each of her programs, asks provocative questions and makes relevant comments, the listener is focused because they want to be sure to catch each shared insight.

When the guest sits down to discuss with Rose topics that are of burning current interest to business people, time flies and the program will be over before you even realize it.

Rose has a unique ability to pull strategic insights from each of her guests for her listeners. As a result, you won’t want to miss a single episode of “Talking with the Experts”!

Ted Janusz MBA CSP CVP

Janus Presentations

Quite simply put: Rose is the real deal! The work she is doing is so needed and the way she approaches each conversation is unique to that guest. When you listen to “Talking With Experts” you walk away with practical tips and best practices that you can begin to utilize immediately. I highly recommend Rose and her work.

– Archie Messersmith-Bunting, M.S.

Archie Messersmith-Bunting, M.S.

Founder, Archie Cares, LLC

I was really thrilled to be invited to chat with Rose about a topic I am so passionate about.

She asked just the right questions that allowed me to discuss the issues I am always wanting to share with people, regarding work-life balance and avoiding adrenal burnout. I appreciated being listened to and heard, not something that all people can offer any more. Thank you Rose for providing me with the platform to share my message.

Mandy Price

Founder, Welcome to Wellness

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