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Think all things business by business owners for business owners.

Talking with the Experts Vodcast is a platform designed to assist business owners in growing their businesses and achieving business success by providing business tips, strategies, and helpful information.

I’m thrilled you’re interested in being a guest on the Talking with the Experts podcast! Rose is a force of nature, and her mission is to make a positive impact by engaging in profound conversations with established business experts, leaders, and compassionate individuals like yourself!

Launched in 2020, the Talking with the Experts Vodcast is skyrocketing, thanks to Rose Davidson’s leadership. With over 460 interviews, it has garnered a unique monthly audience of over 24,000 worldwide, reaching as high as #17 in New Zealand and #86 in Australia in the Marketing category. It’s also in the top 0.45% of all active podcasts! The podcast has featured an impressive roster of guests such as Sam Cawthorn, Ronsley Vaz, James Whittaker, Julia Langley, and other fantastic business owners and entrepreneurs.

We receive hundreds of monthly requests from brilliant individuals like you who want to share their expertise, knowledge, products, books, and courses or highlight their business on our podcast.

While we can’t guarantee acceptance for everyone who applies, we strive to ensure that your appearance is a win/win/win. A win for your business, visibility, and brand. A win for Talking with the Experts and our mission to create better businesses worldwide. There is a self-sponsorship for each guest appearance, and an application is required for consideration.

The process for each vodcast (video & audio) is very informal and extremely simple:

NO pre-production – NO pre-interview – Simple – Easy – Straightforward – A relaxed conversation

♦ You book a day and time of your choice in my calendar

♦ Complete the Guest Form. You will be redirected after you make your booking.

♦ You receive a Zoom link.

♦ Turn up at the appointed time, being mindful of the day/time difference if not living in Australia

♦ We chat informally for 5-10 minutes about your topic.

♦ We start the podcast (which usually lasts about 20 to 45 minutes).

And voila, it’s done! Nothing to it!

** NOTE **

Please use this link to book a date and time that suits you.

You will be redirected to the Guest Form.

If you are not living in Australia, please remember the day/time difference. I use Australian Eastern Standard (AEST) and Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

** AFTER **

I will email the asset links to you (within 21 business days) – YouTube and SoundCloud – for your use.

You will be asked to share the video and audio with your networks and leave a testimonial (links provided).

I look forward to our conversation.

Interviews will only proceed if the Guest Form has been completed 7 days before our conversation.

I value your time and ask that you value mine. Should you NOT be able to do the interview, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance.

There will be a fee of US$50 invoiced to you if you cancel within 24 hours before your allotted time (unless there are extenuating circumstances) or if you are a no-show (This Policy commenced 22 February 2021 and updated 05 August 2021)

The podcast is also published on Amazon, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Listen here:

An appearance on Talking with the Experts includes:

smile A featured 25–40-minute interview on Talking with the Experts covering your expertise.

smile The full interview posted on SoundCloud and YouTube

smileA short-form video posted on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with links to the long-form episodes

smile The RAW audio transcript through

smile You can provide a call to action for a product or service of your choice!

Why does the Talking with the Experts Vodcast require an appearance speaking fee?

This fee helps cover hosting, equipment, content creation, and more. You are not paying to be a guest on the show. Most people don’t understand that running a podcast can cost thousands of dollars. Your fee helps us keep the show running and create the latest content, growing listenership and making a real impact worldwide.

Talking with the Experts has a team of dedicated staff who edit the show, create content, post the episodes, share on social media, onboard and offboard guests and do everything else it takes to run a show. Your fee helps cover this.

Guest quality is everything for Talking with the Experts. Having the fee helps ensure that only change-makers serious about sharing their message, voice, offer, and expertise with the business owners of all levels get one of our spots. As someone who has spent money to be on other podcasts, I can tell you that I show up 110% and on time!

How long will we record?

Recordings will typically be 20-45 minutes, but if you bring the KNOWLEDGE, I will not cut you off!

Will we be online or in person?

I prefer to record online via Zoom.

When will my episode air?

Episodes go out in the order they are recorded. Currently, we are releasing within 21-28 business days of recording. If you have a big event, promotion, book launch, or program starting then let me know and we can see about moving you up if it makes sense for everyone.

How many people will listen to the episode?

The number of listens per episode varies. With over 32,000 people listening on SoundCloud and a unique global monthly audience of 24000+, the listeners can get into the five figures! The number of downloads depends on how much we co-promote together!

What kind of equipment do I need?

Ideally, you will have a podcast-quality mic and 1080p webcam – we record video too. If you do not have this, a pair of iPods or quality earbuds will do the job!

What if I need to reschedule?

Not a problem. Let me know.

Will you send me the graphics and video clips you make?

Yes, the Talking with the Experts team will send you the completed episode page, graphics, and video clips that you can use for all your social media channels!

What is the sponsorship investment?

A$97 (US$65) Content-Sponsorship.

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